bus stop
Well equiped bus stops rise culture of transportation

In modern world effectivnes and proper use of time is very important. For this reason We want to save time of passengers by using technologies which will make their ticket obtaining at bus stop & stations faster and more easy thus less time consuming. We also want to keep them well informed with our information system. Benefits of these systems at bus stops and stations rise the culture of traveling. This effect helps people to switch from car to public transportation which lowers our society carbon footprint.

Solution support for BRT systems

Ticketing system
Fast and easy passenger clearance. Contactless cards, bank cards, tickets or QR code tickets, simply every possible way. Vending machines or validators for BRT systems
Security system
Video surveillance keeps passengers in safety
Information system
Visual or voice announcements for keeping passengers informed about real time arrivals
Central system
Set of applications serving as information, management and ticketing hub for all parts of bus stop installed system.
Bus stop equipement set

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