central system
Information hub for all systems

Imagine everything important presented at one place. Manage all moduls of Your business. Control Your fleet, review data of information system, check payment reports of ticketing system or solve inconviniences with aid of our security system. Everything is possible thanks to our central system – Wertyz, which manages all data flow from one modul to another.

All Your moduls connected to hub

Ticketing system
Informations about tickets, tariffs and cards in every ticketing device in Your system.
Information system
Real time informations from fleet control transfered to informations for passengers at bus stops&stations
Fleet control system
Vehicle informations processed and transfered in real time for various applications
Security system
Real time vehicle insight or downloading records from various centers of recording

At EMlines We believe every system is unique. Configure Your own system in our configurator following the steps bellow.

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  2. Send us Your configuration
  3. We will contact You to help realise Your goals
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