fleet control
Reliable and well organised public transportation

Masses in the move, traveling by their cars. By one bus You can replace up to thirty cars and with tram even more. Make Your transportation well organised, precise and reliable thus attractive. Help to replace personal transportation for public transportation and thus reduce carbon footprint of society.

Traffic jams, accidents, road works. These are some of the factors that can disrupt Your perfect operation daily and thus all this process. With fleet control system You will be prepared to act fast and keep transportation reliable regardless the situation.

EMlines solution offers much tools for fast solving of similar situations. Continues transportation control, dispatchers&drivers multiform communication, actual&planned vehicle position and route management. These pillars of EMlines fleet control will keep any transportation precise and reliable.

boost opreational efficiency

Central system
Set of applications serving as information, management and control hub for all parts of system. Management applications for vehicle and driver preparation before start of order, application for real time control and management and finaly system of reports for better view over fleet performance
Vehicle equipement supporting multiform communication, precise position tracking and driver management.
how it looks like

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