information system
In the world of today, information is key

Good planning is best way how to achieve effectivnes. For this You need precise information all the time. Use Your time wisely, Plan Your day, minimise traviling times.

Precise information system allows passengers to plan and follow their journeys and transfers in real time. Keep them informed no matter the place – inside of vehicle, at bus stop or station or anywhere by web or mobile application.

integrated and information-rich experience

Vehicle equipement supporting visual information system with LED and LCD displays and aslo voice announcement system. Informations can be presented even on LCD screens of EMlines ticketing system devices
Bus stop & Stations
Give passengers precise informations about real time arrivals. EMlines offer LCD, LED displays, voice announcement system, inteligent bus stop and information vending machine
Wertyz, EMlines web journey planner. Mobile journey planner for informations alway at reach of hand
Central system
Set of applications serving as information, management and control hub for all parts of information system.
how it looks like

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