Transportation made more secure

Passengers safety is Your duty and the protection of Your fleet is our top priority. Just presence of security system helps prevent much inconveniences. Equip Your fleet with our security system and You will have next possibilities. Real time insight to vehicle or stored records help to enlighten much situations from tranposrtation. In very uncomfortable situations there is also possibility to use silent alarm thus informing control center about situation and giving them impulse to take action.

make sure your passengers arrive safely

Vehicle equipement supporting various features of security system. Main part is camera system and silent alarm system
Bus stop & Stations
Camera surveillance system for safety of passengers waiting for their connection
Central system
Set of applications serving as information, management and control hub for all parts of security system.
how it looks like

At EMlines We believe every system is unique. Configure Your own system in our configurator following the steps bellow.

  1. Configure what You need in system configurator
  2. Send us Your configuration
  3. We will contact You to help realise Your goals
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